Buy an apartment

We have two recommended models in our offer:

  • a holiday apartment with a shared profit from a generated income
  • condo hotel with a guaranteed rate of return


Buying a holiday apartment will be a recommended way for persons wanting to connect an unrestricted use of their apartment with an aim of earning a profit.

The owner can use the apartment an unlimited number of days through a whole year even during a top season. The remaining periods of time will be managed by the professional operator – The Jozephine Villa with a guaranteed of a complete service.

This kind of investment will let for an attractive source of a passive income.


Buying an apartment in a form of a condo hotel is aimed more as a financial product in comparison to a typical apartment buying.

This business model limits the owner staying time most often to 14 days a year and is connected with a lower rate of return. The hotel operator  – The Jozephine Villa is dealing with the hotel management in accordance with the hotel characteristics.

The apartment in offer are completely equipped.

For details contact: e-mail:, telephone: +48 601 49 77 71